Preparing the way for future growth

Significant changes underway at our Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand campus

Our Wiang Pa Pao campus currently houses two children's homes sponsored by Grace Church (Wooster, OH), a widow's ministry, a farm that provides fresh produce and pork for our staff and kids, and a church that serves not only our staff and kids, but those of other Christian ministries in the area. In response to changing government regulations that came into effect after the 2014 coup, we've submitted to the regional authorities a new master plan for the campus that includes improvements in fire suppression and electrical systems, construction of security walls and gates, paving of roads and driveways and the expansion of both children's homes' living, cooking and bathing facilities. 

We're praying that God will provide a sponsor or sponsors who will come alongside Asia's Hope and Grace Church to provide the funds to implement the next phase of this plan. This spacious property has room for seven more children's homes. Those homes will provide loving families for more than 100 orphaned hill-tribe children who are today living at extraordinary risk of exploitation. But we can't begin recruiting sponsors for those homes until we have made these essential improvements to the existing facilities.

If you know of an individual, church or company who can help us with the US$130,000 we need for the first phase of this $275,000 project, please contact us today.