Children in our various programs

Expanding to provide care to more children at risk

At Asia's Hope, we provide family-style care for orphaned children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation. We work in countries and communities that lack adequate social services to care for vulnerable children, and where kids who have been permanently separated from their parents by death, abandonment, incarceration or migration face lives of near-certain poverty, sickness and neglect. They live each day in danger of being abused and even trafficked into sex slavery or forced labor.

Thanks to the generous support of churches, businesses and families in the U.S., Canada and Australia, we've been able to provide comprehensive care to these children, not only protecting them while they're young, but providing them the tools they need to succeed as adults, permanently breaking multigenerational bonds of poverty and despair and transforming their communities.

In 2016 we rescued 40 new children, placing them in loving, Christian families. In 2017, we anticipate adding at least 40 more vulnerable children from tough city streets and destitute villages in Cambodia, Thailand and India.

And at our schools in Prek Eng and Battambang in Cambodia, we're helping serve — and preserve — impoverished but intact biological families. Currently, more than 200 students from the communities that surround our schools receive a high-quality education for free or at reduced cost, depending on their family's financial need.